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Entry into the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a member of the European Union. The participants from particular countries are required to have valid visa. Please take your passport as a personal identification document even when being an EU citizen.


The participants are advised to arrange whatever insurance they consider necessary. The organisers cannot accept any liability for loss or damage of properties, injuries, unexpected events, non-appearance of specific speakers, program changes.


The Czech currency is Czech Crown (CZK, local abbrev. Kč), one CZK divides into 100 Hellers. Czech Crown is fully convertible to EUR, USD, CHF, JPY and many other firm currencies. In hotels, major restaurants and shops, credit cards (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, AmEx etc.) or EUR are accepted as indicated at the entrances. The Czech currency can be obtained from ATP using your credit or debit cards as well as in many exchange offices in the town, at the airport or in banks elsewhere.


Prague is located in the Central Europe and both Atlantic and continental circulation influence the weather. In November, based on current weather forecast daytime temperatures should be 4 – 6 °C.

Please follow the weather forecast for central Europe before leaving for Prague (e.g. at www.weather.com).

Important local telephone numbers

Emergency 112, Police 158, Ambulance 155, Firemen 150.

The Czech Republic telephone country code is +420.

Time zone

Central European Time (GMT +1 hour).


Czech Republic uses 230 Volt.

Czech Tourism


Leaflets about the Czech Republic to download

Czech Republic
Czech Republic - a touch of magic
Czech Republic - heritage
Czech Republic - information for visitors
Czech cuisine

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