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Reservation in DIPLOMAT hotel**** , conference venue


From September 19, 2009, SPECIAL RATES will be offered for staying in the Diplomat Hotel.
- single room: 75 Euro (buffet breakfast and VAT included)
- double room: 85 Euro (buffet breakfast and VAT included)
- single room superior: 90 Euro (buffet breakfast, VAT and LAN Internet connection included)
- double room superior: 100 Euro (buffet breakfast, VAT and LAN Internet connection included)

Notice for people who will be accommodated in DIPLOMAT hotel: Upon the arrival at the hotel credit cards or CZK 1,000 in cash can be required as guarantees. If no guarantee is provided the hotel has the right not to provide lodging to the participant.


Masarykova kolej***

Masarykova kolej is located in close proximity of Diplomat hotel Conference Centre, across the street, 5 min walking distance.

Limited number of rooms at lower standard of accommodation offered at rates (breakfast and VAT included):
- single room: 1120 CZK (approx. 45 Euro)
- double room: 1490 CZK (approx. 60 Euro)
- single use of double room: 1270 CZK (approx. 50 Euro)
RESERVATION DEADLINE: September 30, 2009. After this date all reservations will be subject of availability.

For room reservation please contact Mrs. Prihodova at prihodova@suz.cvut.cz, phone no. +420 233 051 237, and use code “RAFA 2009” in the e-mail subject.

Adalbert hotel***

Adalbert hotel, with EU Eco-label, is located directly in the venue of Symposium dinner, Brevnov Monastery.
Rates for the rooms include breakfast, VAT and free WiFi connection.
- single room: 2000 CZK (approx. 80 Euro)
- double room: 2500 CZK (approx. 100 Euro)

Pyramida hotel****

Pyramida hotel is situated approx. 15 min by tram from Diplomat hotel Conference Centre.

Transport by tram line 36: Diplomat hotel (tram station Dejvicka) Pyramida hotel (tram station Malovanka), timetable is available at http://www.dpp.cz/en/

Information on location at http://www.hotelpyramida.cz/en/location/

On-line booking form at special rate available at https://payment.netwrs.com/pyramida/VSCHT/ (breakfast, VAT and WiFi connection included)
- single room: 1500 CZK (approx. 60 Euro)
- double room: 1700 CZK (approx. 70 Euro)>
RESERVATION DEADLINE: October 1, 2009. After this date all reservations requested with the special rate will be subject of availability.

Other links to find out an accommodation in Prague:

Low cost accommodation (hostels):

Both hostels offer 10% discount for conference participants. Just mention the code "RAFA 2009" in the comments field of the hostels' own booking systems to get the discount.

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